XFtoWP - The Professional XenForo to WordPress Integration


Connect Your Websites With the Professional XenForo to WordPress Integration

Fill the gap between WordPress and XenForo with seamless syncing and content creation tools.

Why choose XFtoWP?

  • Import Users Across WordPress and XenForo
    Whether you start a WordPress site now or add a XenForo forum later, you can always get your users in sync with the Bulk Actions tool, right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Powerful User Syncing Tools
    XFtoWP delivers a suite of simple tools that create easy user onboarding and opens the floodgates to a more integrated user experience. Increase user registrations and get more people to show up to your forums with seamless user syncing tools. Setup automated usergroup promotions, send messages, and connect to eCommerce and other common actions in WordPress.
  • Cross-post forum replies with Thread connect
    Bring new life to your comments section by adding forum threads to your posts. Auto-increment comment counts and combine forum replies with WP comments.
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