Automatically Append Copyright on Copied Content


WProtect is a WordPress plugin that automatically appends copyright notice on copied text designed to protect web content from being plagiarized.

Have you ever copied a piece of text from a website and suddenly noticed that appended to the end of the text was a link back to the page where it came from?

Automatically append social media links - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any custom social media link!

Furthermore, apart from the read more and social media links, you can also add some additional text!

By using WProtect you can solve 90% of the problem of plagiarism!
You can’t stop people from copying content from your website but you can diminish it.
One of the biggest problems while running a website is plagiarism.

Most people don’t know that search engines give their website penalties because they copied content from another website.
People also don’t know that the content is copyrighted to the original author and should not be used on other websites without permission.

By using WProtect you can inform users about this if they copy the content.

WProtect is good for SEO purposes also.

You can choose where to enable the Copyright Data - everywhere on your website, on pages/posts/attachments.

Having control over your content also means knowing what content is most wanted for readers.

This is why we made a Traffic Monitor that allows you to see the number of copies being made and the pages being copied from, the user location and its IP, and also the date when it was copied.

Full Features List

  • Works with WordPress 5.3+
  • Compatible with any Theme
  • Documentation & Videos available
  • Enable the Copyright Notice, on Pages / Posts / Attachment pages or on all websites.
  • Custom label for the “Read more” link.
  • Setup a custom delimiter character
  • Add an additional custom text to append to the copyright notice.
  • As a bonus, you have social media links that can be appended to the copyright notice also. You can add as many labels as you wish for - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Behance, Youtube and so on.
  • In the traffic monitor module, you can see who accessed your copied content via referral links. You can see the user’s IP, Location, Referral Link, Creation date, and of course what page is performing best on your website (the post/page that the user click on)
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