WP Clever FAQ Builder



This unique plugin allows you to **easily and quickly create complex F.A.Qs** to effectively help your customers.
Instead of a classical F.A.Q simply composed of a list of questions/answers, the generated F.A.Q can have an **infinity of question levels**.

It **allows your customers to get very specific answers to solve their problems**, without having to read ton of different questions before finding the good information.

Each step of your F.A.Qs can contain a rich content, ask a question and show a list of predefined answers.
A powerful, visual and intuitive conditional system allows you to easily **link your different steps depending on specific conditions**.

**Your F.A.Qs can be displayed on any page** simply using shortcodes or the Visual Composer module.
There is also a contact form **allowing your customers to quickly ask their question** if they don't find it on the F.A.Q. The question can be sent by email to admin and will be displayed on the backend, to **help you to improve your F.A.Q**.


+ Manage **as many F.A.Qs as you want**
+ Powerful and intuitive **conditional system**
+ Colors and font are **fully customisable**
+ **Customers can easily ask a new question** if they don't see it in the F.A.Q
+ New questions are displayed on backend and **can be sent by email** to admin
+ F.A.Qs and steps can be **duplicated in one click**
+ **Beautiful and intuitive** backend UI
+ **Import/Export** system
+ Reorder the answers in **Drag & drop**
+ **Shortcode & Visual Composer** integration
+ Fully **Responsive**
+ **Fully translatable** (WPML & .po ready)
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