WP Persistent Login Premium


Persistent Login is a simple plugin that keeps users logged into your website unless they explicitly choose to log-out. You can also limit the number of active login sessions your users are allowed to have at one time. It requires no set-up, just install and save your users time by keeping them logged into your website securely, avoiding the annoyance of forgetting usernames & passwords.

For added security, users can visit their Profile page in the WP Admin area to see how many sessions they have, what device was used and when they were last active. The user can choose to end any session with the click of a button.


There is a premium version of the plugin for those who want more control.

The premium plan offers the following features:

Premium Persistent Login Features

  • Manage which user roles have persistent login
  • Set how long users are kept logged in for (up to 1 year)
  • Hide the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox, so that users are always remembered
  • Session management for users: Users can see all logins. Block Editor and Shortcode support
  • Session management for admins: End any users session from the admin area quickly and easily
  • Priority Support direct from within WP admin
  • Support for WooCommerce Social Login
  • Support for Ultimate Member Social Login Extension
  • Support for Nextend Social Login

Premium Active Login Features

  • Control which roles have active login limits applied
  • Select exactly how many active logins users are allowed
  • When the limit is reached: Auto-logout oldest login, let the user decide which session to end, or block the login.
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