Display WooCommerce Variations as Simple Products


The Single Variations plugin enhances the variable products page to display variations as single items in your shop! That way, your customers can view all variations as single, distinct products and easily add them into their shopping cart, which means increased sales!

If you own an online store and sell a dress in multiple colors using a variable product, you can show the variations as individual products on the shop page. Aid customers find and buy what they’re looking for faster!

Also, increase your SEO traffic by creating more specific internal links with custom variation titles. Give your customers a clear shopping experience by displaying variations as single products and allow them to add them straight to their shopping cart.

Display Variations as Single Products Instead of just showing one variable product, the Single Variations plugin will display all variations as single products inside your shop & category pages.
Change the usual “Select Options” button below variable products to “Add to Cart”.

Exclude Product Categories or Products one by one Exclude variable products, single variations, or whole categories with just a few clicks

UNIQUE Feature: SEO Titles – Rewrite Products title with no effort! Automatically define custom variation titles like “Red Dress and Size S”

Bulk rename all variation children If you wish to have even better SEO titles, you can bulk edit all variation children and set up a custom title for each variation in just a few clicks!

Well documented

Original Products IMPORTANT! This plugin does not affect in any way the original products and its variations!

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