WooCommerce Order Tracker - Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notifications



WooCommerce Order Tracker displays order status comes with interactive graphics and allows customers to track their estimated delivery.

The whole process of the tracking system is simple and streamlined which keeps the customer aware of their WooCommerce order status. Customers can track their orders with the order numbers and tracking URLs.

This WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin enables tracking of the ordered products from your store. It allows order tracking even if you use third-party shipping services. You can create custom order statuses based on the shipment process. It enables you to create WooCommerce order-tracking pages with the help of a shortcode.

Features of WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin

  1. Track WooCommerce Orders
    The WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin provides an option to enable order tracking. Both admins and customers can track their orders with the help of an efficient tracking system. Admins can create custom order statuses and upload preferred logos.
  2. Email Notifications for Order Status
    You will be able to send email notifications to the customer on changing order status.
  3. Order Information
    This order tracking plugin for WooCommerce provides tracking information with an estimated delivery date. Customers will get full details about the order status whether it is packed, shipped, or delivered. Also, they will get information about the shipping service, tracking number, and delivery date.
  4. Order Tracking Templates
    WooCommerce Order Tracker offers six different types of order tracking templates. You can opt for any of them to display WooCommerce order tracking. Admin allots order statuses to the tracking steps that would be displayed on the tracking template.
  5. Shortcodes for Order Tracking Page Creation
    It enables admins to create their own pages for WooCommerce order status tracking through a shortcode. Also, guest users will be able to track orders via Order ID only.
  6. Third-party Shipment Tracking
    This WooCommerce custom order status plugin allows shipping services integration with USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. Admin can do third-party shipment tracking by enabling the third-party shipping API.
  7. Tracking With Google Maps
    Admin can enable tracking for customer orders with Google Maps by entering the Google Map API and address.
  8. Tracking With 17.Net
    WooCommerce Order Tracker provides tracking features with 17track.net if the admin ships its order from different shipping companies.
  9. Custom Status for Bulk Action
    This order tracking plugin for WooCommerce allows admins to apply for custom order status as bulk action on products.
  10. Order Export
    WooCommerce Order Tracker enables logged-in users to export their order from My Account or Order Section. Also, guest users can do so from the guest tracking page.

Payment Link email Notifications on Pending Payment Order Status
Customers can complete their payment through the payment link that they will receive when their order status is pending.

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