WooCommerce Email Template Customizer Premium


If the default email template of WooCommerce looks plain to you, and you are looking for a way to customize WooCommerce emails, here is what you need. WooCommerce Email Template Customizer is a helpful tool that helps you build and customize WooCommerce emails. The plugin provides sufficient basic elements and WooCommerce elements as well as developmental tools for users to build a complete email. You can easily drag and drop, edit, and customize the layouts/contents inside the email templates with no coding knowledge required. Try our plugin to make the template look friendly and match your store design, customize WooCommerce emails sending to customers all you want, effortlessly.

With WooCommerce Email Template Customizer, you can:

  • Create and customize WooCommerce emails as many as you want, with several provided elements.
  • Drag and drop to change the position of elements on the template
  • Set rules to apply to each template. You have 2 templates for Processing order, make one of them send when the customer orders products of a certain category, and the other will be sent when the customer’s subtotal reaches the value of the maximum or minimum you set.
  • Send emails with files attached
  • Send a test email before the real sending.
  • Preview email before sending with Desktop and Mobile version
  • Choose direction. This feature is helpful when you switch between languages with directions from LTR or RTL
  • Import and export template to another site in which the plugin is also installed and activated.
  • Create customizable blocks and add them to any template
  • The responsive point helps to display the template as designed on any device
  • Show report of how many times customers click and order the suggested products
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