Simple Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget


Simple Weather Shortcode and Widget

If you need a simple weather display, with just the temperature and location for today, a very simple shortcode does the trick. Any other option you want, like night temperature or number of days to forecast, you can just add it to the shortcode.

If a widget works better for you, the Simple Weather plugin comes also with an easy to set-up widget, packing all the options you need.

* Easy to use
* Unlimited Color Options
* Custom Date Format
* Use Metric or Imperial Units
* NEW: Customizable update interval
* NEW: For better performance, you can use your own API key from
* 7 Days Forecast Options
* Show Day / Night Temperature
* Location / GSP Coordinates
* Multilanguage (dates are automatically translated according to the existing WordPress localization; weather condition available in 17 languages ¹ )

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