Scraper - Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress


Scraper is an automatic plugin that copies content and posts automatically from any web site. With tons of useful and unique features, Scraper WordPress plugin takes content creating process to another level.


  • Scrape Any Website
    With Xpath and regex methods, it’s possible to scrape any website!
  • Get Attributes
    Scraper can parse element’s attributes, that means you could get links, image sources, video sources.
  • Set Feature Image
    The plugin can extract any image to set as a featured image.
  • Duplicate Title Skip
    Scraper verifies that there is no previous post with the same title.
  • Fix Encoding
    The plugin automatically fix encoding errors and post it after fixing it.
  • Language Translation
    Scraper automatically detects content and translate it to any language.
  • Support Categories
    You could post your new content to any category that you’ve created.
  • Regex (JSON) Parser
    You could parse an information that contains JSON objects.
  • Gallery Images
    Scraper can parse any image sequence and create gallery with that.
  • Search & Replace
    You could transform your content with search & replace feature.
  • Content Template with Variables
    You could generate your unique content template with transform feature.
  • WooCommerce Products
    Creating woocommerce products with Scraper is really easy. Scraper supports all tags of woocommerce.
  • Math Functions
    You could sum, subtract or divide any number with math functions. It can be useful on price calculations.
  • Embed Any Post
    Extract Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo ID from website and use it with embed transform.
  • Schedule Tasks
    With different intervals you could schedule your tasks.
  • Post Update
    You could select a post to update with scraping.
  • Link Strip
    You could strip links from original post content.
  • Proxy Support
    You could use proxies on scraping.
  • Cookie Support
    Scraper supports cookie, you could define cookie for any task.
  • Post Status
    You could set your post status to draft or publish.
  • Community Templates
    There are many templates on Scraper’s library. You could enable any of them easily.
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