Nutrition Facts Label Creator for WPBakery


Nutrition Facts Label Creator is a quick and easy tool for creating Nutrition Fact Labels for your online food products and recipes.

The plugin helps you add Nutrients from pre defined set of 39 nutrients like protein vitamin, fat, sugars, zinc, magnesium, calcium, etc. The percent daily values are automatically calculated from the provided nutritional value. The plugin also supports addition of unlimited custom nutrients via easy drag and drop interface.

This is an addon for WP Bakery Page Builder. You need to buy the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin separately to use this addon.

Key Features
* Fully responsive and retina ready
* Table less design, created using lists
* The plugin comes shipped as WPBakery Page Builder Addon
* 6 Nutrition label design styles (FDA style table included)
* 39 pre defined food components (nutrients) with respective standard values
* The reference for standard daily values (DVs) are taken from Wikipedia
* Add unlimited custom nutrients to the Nutrition Table – New – See example
* Specify custom Nutrient name, standard reference value, unit and daily value
* Specify nutrient as sub-level up to 3 indent levels – Auto calculation of %DV from provided daily value and standard reference value
* Auto calculation of percent daily values from standard values and user supplied values
* Standard daily values listing option
* Works with any post type on which WPBakery Page Builder is enabled. E.g. you can use it in WooCommerce product description when selling a food product.
* 100% Translation ready. (Sample POT template file included)
* Supports languages with right-to-left orientation. (RTL CSS included)
* Nutrition table template file can be overridden in theme
* Supports filters for changing standard daily values of a Nutrient
* Schema micro data supported for known nutrients as per
* Clean and optimized code
* Supported on all modern browsers (including IE 9+)
* W3C valid HTML markup for Nutrition table output

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