FontPress - WordPress Font Manager


FontPress is a little, yet powerful, typography tool to easily empower your theme, virtually managing any font.

This with the ability of mixing together Google Fonts, Adobe Typekits, @font-Face fonts or simple CSS fonts!
Plugin supports also new Google Early Access fonts for non-latin languages!

Add or just select the fonts you want to use. Create global rules and eventually concatenate them.

You can manage a wide list of parameters to properly set fonts:

  • font size (with responsive units)
  • line height
  • font weigth (with complete parameters list)
  • font style (normal, italic or oblique)
  • text decoration (underline, overline and line-through)
  • text transform (capitalize, uppercase and lowercase)
  • text color (supporting gradients)
  • letter and word spacing
  • outline (width and color)
  • shadow (offset, opacity and color)
  • background color (supporting gradients)

And finally choose whether to turn text into an unselectable entity, preventing its copy.

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