WordPress Portfolio Gallery Plugin


Elfsight Portfolio plugin helps you to present your projects on the site in the most attractive manner. Let users view projects of any kind: upload pictures, video clips, drawings, add text content, describe project steps and other. Your projects will appear as clickable cards inside the portfolio and will open in popup. Visitors will be able to navigate through the projects and immediately get in touch with you or start making an order, with the help of the active button in the header.

WP Portfolio plugin is what you need
+ If you want to show your marvellous pictures and drawings
+ If you would like to demonstrate your videos for viewing right on the website
+ If you need to describe in detail how you handle your projects, stage by stage
+ If you need to promote your services and find new customers

Use all the benefits of Portfolio Gallery for WordPress

Attracting new customers

Call-to-action button stimulates users to make an order at any time. Right when a user decides that they want to use your services, they can start in one click.

Increasing the level of user engagement

Demonstrate your fascinating engaging content and increase the time users spend on your website.

Generating more leads

It’s easy to get in touch with you in one click with the help of active contact data in the plugin header.

Key features
+ Create your project portfolio to show works from any sphere
+ Upload photos and videos to each project
+ Create multiple projects with titles
+ Set categories and assign projects to them
+ The option to show category menu
+ Edit plugin title
+ Call-to-action button on the header and in popup redirects user to any address
+ Edit the label and caption of call-to-action button
+ Add descriptions and dates to the works in the project
+ Project open in popup on the sitу
+ Option to navigate between projects right from the popup
+ Plugin header shows the author's name, photo and description text
+ The option to add clickablу phone and email to the header
+ Add active icons of social media to the header
+ Choose one of three layouts oа projects cards: Grid, Masonry, List
+ Vary the number of columns and gutter space of projects cards
+ Set custom plugin width
+ Choose a project look: Overlay Top, Overlay Center, or Card
+ Select action on click: the project opens in popup, redirect to the website, or none
+ Choose what info to display in popup and on hover
+ Six paintable interface elements
+ Text formatting available for project description
+ Choosing the shape of the photos in portfolio: rectangle or square
+ Set plugin width

Still wonder why Elfsight Portfolio plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ The most impressive way to show your creative works on the website

Try Portfolio Gallery widget now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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