COVID-19 Informer for WordPress


The COVID-19 Informer is a WordPress plugin designed for COVID-19 tracking. Now the world is fighting an outbreak of the virus, and all people want up-to-date data on this epidemic in order to protect themselves and be on the alert. The plugin provides the display of total/new confirmed cases of infection, data on recovery and death for all countries.

There are different types of data available for display: New Confirmed, Total Confirmed, New Deaths, Total Deaths, New Recovered, Total Recovered. All information can be presented in the form of a table or cards. Each table column can be sorted in ascending and descending order. Besides, the search field for all data is available.

The COVID-19 Informer plugin provides the opportunity to make a selection for certain countries, data types or specify the order of the columns. You can add charts of recovered or confirmed cases to get the visual and more clear change of the situation. All this can be added to any place of your WordPress site without special efforts and additional knowledge using simple shortcodes. The COVID-19 tracking can be useful for news sites or sites that provide any information about the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The data are taken from official local sources and processed by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The COVID-19 Informer plugin allows adding statistics table/cards via shortcode to inform site visitors about changes in the situation about coronavirus pandemic.

+ The data from a reliable source
+ Information can be displayed for certain countries or for all
+ Data charts are available
+ Available data types: New Confirmed, Total Confirmed, New Deaths, Total Deaths, New Deaths, New Recovered, Total Recovered
+ Sorting by any type of data
+ Setting cache time included
+ Data display in the form of a table or cards
+ Works well with all popular WordPress Themes
+ Gutenberg Ready
+ Perfect for RTL direction
+ Beautiful modern User Interface
+ Tested and compatible up to WordPress 5+
+ Lightweight and Fast
+ Compatible with All Modern Browsers
+ Easy to use and customize
+ Installation Guide and Detailed User Manual
+ Huge Customization Capabilities
+ Six months Included Support for CodeCanyon buyers

The COVID-19 Informer has flexible settings. You can change the colors, fonts, background, paddings, and margins for the table elements.
The plugin installation takes only a few seconds. Also, you do not need to make any additional settings. The plugin is ready to work immediately after installation – you only need to install and activate it in WordPress.


1.0.8 – 9 April 2020
+ Added row expansion by clicking on the country name in the responsive table
+ Added country flags on the map
* Improved RTL compatibility for tables
* Fixed Country Flags
* Fixed [coronar-usa] shortcode
* Fixed [coronar-date] issue

1.0.7 – 5 April 2020
* Fixed new data structure issues.
* Temporarily removed the display of data for US states

1.0.6 – 3 April 2020
* Improved responsiveness for the card layout

1.0.5 – 28 March 2020
+ Added [coronar-total] shortcode, to show world COVID-19 statistic
+ Added filters Top{N}TotalConfirmed, Top{N}TotalDeaths, Top{N}TotalRecovered to coronar-usa. Example [coronar-usa filter="Top5TotalConfirmed"]
* Improved speed of coronar-usa shortcode
+ Added provinces to coronar-usa. Example [coronar-usa provinces="New York, California, Washington"]
+ Added regions to map: Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania. Example [coronar-map region="Europe"]
* Updated flags for countries
+ Added Responsive Behavior to Table views
* Improved map responsive behavior

1.0.4 – 26 March 2020
+ Added new filters: Top10TotalConfirmed, Top10TotalRecovered, Top10TotalDeaths
+ [coronar-usa] shortcode speed improvements
+ Improved filtering mechanisms. Now you can change the number of entries in the filter: Top{number}TotalConfirmed

1.0.3 – 24 March 2020
+ Added Clear Cache button
+ Added USA data by states
+ Fixed bug with '+-' before negative values

1.0.2 – 23 March 2020
+ API changed data format (again)

1.0.1 – 22 March 2020
+ API changed data format

1.0.0 – 22 March 2020
+ Initial release

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