Booknetic SaaS - Multi Vendor Booking System for WordPress


Start your own appointment booking company without having any technical skills thanks to a sleek and intuitive installation panel.

What you get?

  • Build your online business
    We offer you a complete SaaS solution. Install our service as you wish and turn it into an online business while taking advantage of its rich capabilities.
  • Handle your payments yourself
    Local? PayPal? Stripe? Set these supported payment methods, so It’ll be helping your customers feel more comfortable, especially with automated monthly or annual payments.
  • Set your own prices
    Create monthly and annual packages according to your wishes in the system. Arrange it for your customers to subscribe to your service and earn big money!
  • Premium support
    A modern and optimal database, a dedicated dashboard will make your customers feel more confident.


Step into the future of online business with this SaaS project. Launch your own SaaS project, establish an online business and begin making money!

  • Cozy and intuitive super admin panel
    By entering the dashboard of the super admin panel you can get statistics about your tenants. Our open-source online appointment booking system dashboard includes information such as the total number of tenants, income for the current and previous month. You can also change the list of your existing tenants in the super admin panel by using the Tenants module. And you can find a list of your customers' payments in the Payments module.
  • Sign-in/Sign-up pages for tenants
    In WordPress, you get three ready-made shortcuts, which you can add to your membership page for tenants by adding them to your desired WordPress page. The third shortcut is to forget the password.
  • Create the pricing table of your business
    Booknetic appointment booking SaaS version comes with a wide range of permissions and restrictions. You can add price packages suitable for your business with any permissions and limits. You can add price packages that are appropriate for your business, as well as any permissions and limitations. For example, the free plan allows you to deactivate most features and integrations, whereas the premium plan allows you to enable integrations such as Zoom, Google Calendar, WhatsApp, etc.
  • PayPal / Stripe subscription
    Booknetic SaaS supports PayPal and Stripe natively. You can allow your clients to subscribe to the pricing package you set for them on a monthly or annual basis using Stripe or Paypal, so that monthly or annual payments are automatically deducted from their accounts.
  • Commissions from Tenants (Paypal, Stripe)
    You can prefer to take commissions per appointment transactions from your tenants instead or beside of the monthly subscriptions. In this way, the payments will be split to forward to two different payment accounts. It is possible to set the platform fee as a percent and also a fixed amount. We offer this feature as an add-on.
  • Workflow module
    You can send different types of notifications through the Workflow module. Actions: New registration, membership, withdrawal, payment accepted, etc. Triggers: Send an email, send an SMS, send a WhatsApp message, telegram message, etc.
  • Build-in form builder
    It will be in your hands to edit the registration form of tenants! You can simply add extra inputs and fields to the registration form by entering the super admin multi-vendor appointment booking WordPress panel using the drag & drop functionality.
  • Affiliate program module
    Now you can easily promote your reservation platform with the assistance of your tenants. Your referrers can receive different commission fees for monthly and annual subscriptions, and also it is possible to set a fixed amount per registration. We offer this feature as an add-on.
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