Auto Robot - WordPress Autoblogging Plugin


Auto Robot is an auto blogging WordPress Plugin that make you can generate WordPress posts from as many article source, include RSS Feed, Social Media, Videos, Images, Sound and etc.
This plugin comes with built in options that you can use to scrape different posts as you needed.

By using this Auto Robot plugin, you can scrape the best content from all around the web from multiple sources, and with the post template feature, you can also insert your ads code like adsense, which will make your website become a many money auto blogging website in seconds.


Auto Robot helps you aggregate unlimited RSS feeds and automatically publish them on your site within a few minutes.

With Auto Robot, you can sit back, let your site autoblog and always stay fresh with new content, which in return helps improve content marketing, boost your SEO, increase audience’s engagement, and probably earn more money.


You own a news site. You want a WP news aggregator to make sure your site always updated with the latest news
You own a blog. You need a WP content aggregator to autoblog and keep your audience engaged with fresh content
You want to improve your SEO rankings.
You develop a site for your client and just want to quickly demo a news feed of frequently updated content
You build a company website and want a news/blog page to enhance company’s reputation and SEO. Focus on your business and leave the content marketing work to Auto Robot
You run an affiliate business or want to earn extra from RSS affiliate marketing feeds
You need a simple but comprehensive solution to curate anything in your niche, such as property listing for a real estate website, product listing for an affiliated e-commerce site, etc
You want to earn more money, thanks to the benefits above

Main Features

  1. Autoblogging with unlimited keywords and scraper campaigns
  2. Create posts from unlimited number of keywords on each blog with long tail keywords supported
  3. Keyword suggestions using the google suggest api
  4. No Duplicate Content. Advanced options to checks and verify the plugin will not post any duplicate content on your site.
  5. Create posts from most of the popular social medias, include twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and etc
  6. Create posts from RSS Feed link
  7. Create posts by your selected keywords
  8. Uses Caching system
  9. Import Instagram images from username, search keywords
  10. Uses Youtube API v3 for more performance
  11. Import Youtube videos from channels, playlists, search keywords
  12. Custom post template features with new shortcodes {{video_embed}}{{video_key}}{{video_url}}{{video_title}}{{video_description}}{{video_duration}}{{video_views}}{{video_favorites}}{{video_likes}}{{video_dislikes}}{{video_commnets}}{{video_publishedAt}}{{thumbnail_maxres_url}}{{thumbnail_high_url}}{{thumbnail_medium_url}}{{thumbnail_default_url}}
  13. Insert content before and after post template
  14. Schedule publish posts as your selected
  15. Use WP Cron to check and run scraper campaigns backend automatically
  16. Post template to insert content before and after post
  17. Set words limit of each source post content
  18. Set post feature image from feed and instagram source
  19. Select post type include post, page, attachment
  20. Select post status include publish, draft, private, pending
  21. Select post author
  22. Add logs when running scraper campaigns and wp cron jobs automatically
  23. Display logs with different level include log, info, warn and error
  24. Clear Logs
  25. Translate source content using Google Translate API before publish post
  26. RSS Feed to post (our most loved feature): convert RSS feed items to WordPress pages, posts, and custom post type automatically
  27. Import and aggregate unlimited RSS feeds from unlimited sources automatically
  28. Bulk import and organize multiple feed sources of similar topics into Categories
  29. Easily display RSS feeds using shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks, or widgets in your third-party page builders like Elementor
  30. Import images with your RSS feeds or use your own image/logo for feeds without image
  31. Control number of items you want to display for a feed source. Just want to display 1 article or 20 articles in a block? You’ve got it with one click
  32. Choose your own caching time and how often you want to pull RSS feeds to ensure the best performance for your site
  33. Create a sidebar of your imported feed items
  34. Control which meta fields you want to display, such as author, date and time of the RSS feed
  35. Responsive content across platforms
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