WooCommerce Black Friday WordPress Plugin


WooCommerce Black Friday is plugin that allows you to have Campaigns where you can have Special Deals / Offers / Store Clearances / Percentages off - for occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, Cyber Monday or any other special day. You can add Multiple Campaigns on your Website, you don’t have to have just one!

Having a Sale or Running a Promotion on your Website can have a Big Impact on your Customers. WooCommerce Black Friday is also an Excellent Marketing Tool.
You can Increase Online revenue up to 200% after introducing a Simple Sale on your Website. That’s a fact!

But your Customers must first Know about it! In this case, WooCommerce Black Friday comes with lots of Features that will help you Showcase the Promotion.

*Notification Bar - The Notification bar will be displayed on the Frontend of your Website, and you can position it either at the top or the bottom of the page.

*The Notification Bar enables you to Announce your Promotion and Write something about it. Also, a Countdown with the date when your Promotion starts can be displayed. You can choose to show the notification bar or not.

*Custom Countdown Page with Subscription! The Notification Bar will lead your Customers to a Custom Countdown page where you can add some more info about your Promotion, and where of course they can Subscribe to finding out when your promotion starts, and you can email them and let them know about it!

*Promotion Campaign Products! This plugin will also create a custom Sale Page for the Woocommerce Products you wish to include in the Promotion.

*You can add as many products as you wish, organise them into categories, design the page’s layout, box size, shape, color, fonts & more, and apply a discount either to each category (and the discount will be applied to all the products from that category), or to each individual product, for which you can setup a different discount. All this is very easy to do using our user friendly framework.

*The campaign will start and end whenever you wish, by setting up a start and end date and time. You can run multiple campaigns at the same time on your website, just make sure you don’t have the same products with different discounts featured in different campaigns.

*Boom! Statistics! Check out how your Campaign is Converting! In the Campaign’s Dashboard, you can see a graph with the progress of your campaign, and how many views it had, on each day.

That’s not all! Privacy Settings! You can have 3 types of Campaigns:
Public for All
Private - With Access based on a password (custom or generated automatically), so you can allow access to certain users.
Private - Only for Users with Roles matching the Roles selected by you - for example, you can provide access only to members.

Import / Export Campaigns! You can import custom campaigns (you will find some examples in the package you downloaded), and you can also export & import your campaigns somewhere else.

That’s not all! WooCommerce Black Friday works with external products as well! If you already have some products on sale, you can showcase them on a Campaign Page & earn some money from affiliation too! Works great with WooZone, WooEbay, WooAliexpress & WooEnvato!

Full Features List

*Works with Woocommerce

*Create Unlimited Campaigns

*Statistics for each individual Campaign

*Campaign privacy – public / private (password protected) / private (accessible to users with matching Roles)

*Frontend Notification Bar

*Countdown Page, with notification Subscription form

*Promotion Campaign Products Page – fully customizable

*Template Setup

*Setup Page Title

*Setup Page Width

*Setup Template Alignment – left or Center

*Add custom logo & background image / color

*Template typography, font color & size for:

*Product Box Headline

*Product Title

*Product Price (regular & sale price)

*Buy Button

*Footer Disclaimer

*Sale Tag

*Select how many columns to have per row

*“Buy” Button Custom Text

*Page Container setup :

*Select Background Color

*Select Border & Border color

*Select Border Radius

*Select Box Shadow

*Box Spacing – Select paddings & margins

*Product Container BOX Setup :

*Select Background Color

*Select Border & Border color

*Select Border Radius

*Select Box Shadow

*Box Spacing – Select paddings & margins

*Footer Disclaimer Text

*Advanced Settings

*Add custom CSS Code

*Add custom JS Code

*Countdown Setup

*Countdown Custom Text

*Display Countdown – YES / NO

*Countdown Format (months / weeks / days / hours / minutes / seconds)

Notification Bar Setup

Display Notification Bar YES / NO

Notification Bar Custom Text

Notification Bar Position – TOP / Bottom

Subscribers List


Add New Category Box

Select Category and Drag the Products you wish to have in the Promotion

Apply Discount to all the products from the category or individually for each one

Documentation included

Fully Responsive Design (Works nicely on Mobile (e.g. Apple iPhone, Android Smartphone), Tablet (e.g. Apple iPad 2-3rd, mini), Desktop Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE 7+))

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