WooCommerce Step Filter - Powerful & Flexible Products Filter


That isn't a simple and usual product filter that you can see on many sites. It provides much more possibilities for use. You can create a quiz to filter products and show only appropriate results to your customers. This is possible to show filtering results right within the filter or lead the customer to a shopping page. Filter can be placed on any page. Just place the shortcode wherever you want. And of course, it can be used as a usual product filter in a shopping page sidebar.


  • Different workflow modes
    Choose the most appropriate workflow mode, such as free-walk steps, strict steps, single step, or sequence.
  • Unlimited number of filter questions
    With a lot of settings for each specific question. Use individual question or bunches of questions per a step
  • Any filtering source
    Apply filtering by any product entity, such as price, attribute category, tag, meta value, or manually selected products.
  • A lot of input types and views
    The next question types are allowed: select, radio, checkbox, button, image, number, range, multi-choice, or custom formula.
  • Call the filter using the shortcode
    Use the filter shortcode to place it wherever you need it. Not only the sidebar using.
  • Show products results within the filter
    It’s possible to not redirect the customer to a shop page to show the filtering results.
  • Collect requests statistic
    Get anonymous statistics of filtering results to analyze your customers' requirements.
  • Generate results PDF with filtered products
    Allow your customers to get a PDF file with the filtering results.
  • Add questions condition logic
    Show/hide a question according to other questions' values.
  • Create whatever number of filters
    The number of filters you can create is unlimited!
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