WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager


The ultimate solution to manage WooCommerce product FAQs easily with stylish searchable accordion & extensive options panel support. Plugin Add FAQ tab automatically for each product.

The plugin allows you to create complete FAQs for your product. Super easy and flexible admin interface gives you a great user experience for creating FAQ items. You can also sort FAQs using the drag and drop feature. Check plugin full features-

Zero Configuration required:

To use the WooCommerce product FAQ manager plugin, you do not need to go through any bulky customization process. Just upload, install and activate the WooCommerce Product FAQ plugin, and it's ready to use.

Unlimited No of Product FAQs:

The plugin allows you to add unlimited FAQ items for each product. You can insert text, images, videos, and shortcodes as FAQ content.

Unique Global FAQ Management System:

Allow you to create common FAQs like contact information and Refund policy and use them in all product FAQ sections.

Responsive Layout:

The plugin display FAQ items into a stylish and responsive accordion that works perfectly in any browser and mobile device.

Live Search Panel With Text Highlighter:

The plugin comes with a unique and fast live search panel that allows your users to find their questions and answers from a long list easily.

Custom & Dedicated FAQ Tab:

The plugin automatically adds a dedicated tab to display FAQs for each product. You can set a custom FAQ tab position from the options panel. Also, the plugin provides an option to set a custom title for the FAQ tab. FAQ Counter displays the number of FAQs listed in the tab. So users can quickly get an overview of FAQ content.

Quick and Easy FAQ insertion panel:

The plugin uses a custom meta box panel to insert FAQ content. The plugin allows you to sort FAQ items using the drag & drop option. You can easily clone a FAQ item and customize the content according to your need, and it will save you time.

Extensive Option panel:

Plugin added an extensive options panel to customize and manage its functions. You can control the login and RTL options, set custom themes, and add custom CSS without touching a single line of code.

5 Pre-defined Themes with Custom Theme Editor:

The plugin has seven built-in colorful themes and a custom theme builder section. You can create custom themes according to your website color scheme.

Quick/Bulk Edit Option:

Easy way to show/hide the WooCommerce Product FAQ tab. Using the bulk edit option, you can show/hide multiple product FAQ tabs.

RTL Support:

The plugin provides incredible support for the Arabic language. It would help if you turned on the RTL support option from the admin panel; the plugin automatically adjusts its content to the right side.

Ready for localization:

The plugin offers a cool translation feature. So, you can easily add this plugin to any website. Inside of plugin lang folder, you will get a file named en_EN.po file. To edit this file, you need to install "poedit" software on your computer.

Well Documentation:

The plugin comes with details documentation of every single feature. So, you can easily use the plugin with the help of detailed documentation. We also provide video documentation to demonstrate features easily to you.

Update Notification:

The plugin will display an update notification message when we release a new version in your site admin area. We also provide details and change log information with every update notification.

Premium Support From Developer:

The plugin comes with 6-month premium support directly from the developer and a lifetime free update feature. I'm always here to provide quality support for the buyers.

Support Latest WooCommerce& WordPress:

We always keep our plugin up to date. So, we can ensure the plugin always works with the latest WordPress version; If you have any issues, just let us know, and we will deal with them.

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