Etsy Integration for WooCommerce


Sell on Etsy with Etsy Integration for WooCommerce. Automate, list, and sync inventories in a click and grow your sales.

Experience effortless selling with Etsy Integration for WooCommerce
Experience hassle-free selling with automated orders, real-time updates, inventory synchronization, and more with Etsy integration for WooCommerce.

Why choose Etsy Integration for WooCommerce?

  • One-click authorization
    Experience quick access with one click authorization to Etsy Store by simply entering your Etsy shop name through the Etsy Integration for WooCommerce extension.
  • Automated and Simplified Listings
    Bulk-upload your WooCommerce listings on Etsy Store with a click and set separate inventory rules, pricing plans, shipping options, or listing details in one go.
  • Profile-Based Product Upload
    Upload your products based on their categories and attributes on Etsy as it will be easy for buyers to navigate through products, which in turn increases your product visibility.
  • Centralized Order Management
    Manage your orders from a centralized location. Etsy integration for WooCommerce enables you to manage orders of the products you sell from the Etsy store right into your WooCommerce orders section.
  • Real-time and Regular Synchronization of Data
    Increase your conversion rate by drawing more prospects to your products through the Etsy marketplace. Keep track of inventory and orders on the WooCommerce store and avoid overselling.
  • Shipping Profiles
    Automate your shipping process through Etsy integration for WooCommerce extension by easily adding the shipping profile on Etsy and using the same while uploading your products.
  • Benefits
    Experience hassle-free selling on Etsy with Etsy integration for WooCommerce and get hold of its additional features.
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