ALD Pro - AliExpress Dropshipping & Fulfillment for WooCommerce


ALD – Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce allows shop owners to import products from AliExpress to their own WooCommerce store. That helps shop owners easily possess and run their own business on the E-Commerce site with a wide range of products from AliExpress and earn more money from online business.

Why choose ALD Pro?

  • All features from the free version: All your settings/imported products/fulfilled orders are remained after upgrading
  • Import product video: You can import product video and display video on a separate tab on single product page or use shortcode to display video in product description/short description …
  • Migration: If you are using anther AliExpress dropshipping plugin and want to migrate those products to use with our plugin, this feature will help you do the job quickly.
  • Frontend shipping: Instead of importing product including specific shipping cost, you can allow customers to select shipping company correctly based on their country just like shopping on AliExpress. Shipping companies can be masked to hide the fact that you are running a dropshipping business
  • AliExpress orders: A separated page to manage all your AliExpress orders where you can bulk fulfill orders or fulfill orders with extension
  • Bulk orders: Besides the ability to fulfill AliExpress orders one by one with the chrome extension, you can bulk fulfill your orders rapidly. This will save you tons of time.
  • Auto fulfill: This helps automatically fulfil AliExpress orders whenever someone purchases something on your site
  • Price and quantity sync: Product price and quantity can now be synced with AliExpress automatically using cron. If a product is out of stock/change price or is offline, you will receive email notification. You can also check the progress in the log file.
  • Tracking number sync: Similar to products, tracking number sync is automated. You don’t need to login to your AliExpress account only to check if tracking number is available for some orders then wait for them to sync.
  • Update exchange rate automatically: Schedule the plugin to update exchange rate daily at a specific time
  • Split variations into respective products: A lot of AliExpress products have too many variations(more than a hundred), you can use this feature to split those products into smaller ones for easier management
  • Product attribute mapping: Attributes of AliExpress product are usually in strangled terms and not user friendly so you will need to modify them before importing, this feature helps you save a lot of time from doing that boring task.
  • Marketplace: The premium version is made compatible with Dokan plugin. Vendors can import AliExpress products and have their own Import list, Imported and settings page within the vendor dashboard.
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