Wiloke Product Focal for Elementor


Showcase Product items Focally

Wiloke Product Focal is an Elementor plugin that makes it easy to exhibit WooCommerce items.

Makes Products shopping made easy

Wiloke Product Focal is an Elementor plugin that helps beautify your product pages with more engaging and intuitive card design. Each products item comes with its own card, where you can show the item’s inventory status, reviews, prices, wishlist, and quick view. Wil also lets your customers explore items by category tabs.

The most versatile way to feature your products focally

Wiloke Product Focal allows you to choose three layouts (tab, grid, or masonry) that work beautifully on any screen size or device. You can also control the spacing between cards, set custom item widths for each layout individually, or use a default setting for all of them. Say goodbye to horizontal scrolling!

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