SolPay Donate - Solana network donate plugin


SolPay Donate – Solana network donate plugin for WordPress

SolPay Donate is a cryptocurrency fundraising plugin. The biggest difference of SolPay Donate from other plugins on the market is that it works with DApp (Decentralized Application) logic and receives payments directly from crypto wallets.

What advantages does SolPay Donate provide you?

As you know, virtual POS and many other payment methods deduct commission from you. The only commission here is the “gas” fee that the Solana network charges. So the money will be transferred directly to your account. With the wallets supported by the plugin, you can receive payments in SOL, the native currency of the Solana network, or with SPL Tokens under the Solana network.

Apart from that, here are the advantages that SolPay Donate gives you:
No 3rd party service
No withdrawal limit, fee, date
1-2 business days and no weekend nonsense
The money is in your account and in use on the same day

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