Restricted Blocks


Restricted Blocks is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to display or hide specific Gutenberg blocks based on custom conditions.

In order to use this plugin, the user should first create a restriction from a dedicated menu added by the plugin, then associate the restriction with a block by using the selector available in the block settings sidebar.

The following types of restrictions are available:


A restriction that always hides the block. This type of restriction can be used, for instance, to temporarily hide blocks that are not ready to be published.


This restriction protects part of the article content under a password.


The content of a block protected with an age restriction becomes visible only after the user's age is verified.


This restriction displays the block only if the user's
country, detected with a geolocation database, matches
the one defined in the restriction settings.

Disclaimer: This product can include GeoLite2 data
created by MaxMind, available from


This restriction enables you to display the block only with a defined category of devices. Specifically, you can select between the "Desktop" and the "Mobile" types.

Time Range

With this option, you can display or hide a block in a defined time interval.

User Capability

With this restriction, you can display a block only to the WordPress users that own one of the specified capabilities.

IP Address

With this restriction, the plugin compares the user's IP address with the list of IP addresses defined in the restriction settings. The block is displayed only if there is a match.


This restriction allows you to display specific content based on the presence of a defined cookie. Note that if neded, you can optionally also verify the cookie value.

HTTP Headers

With this restriction, you can verify the presence of specific HTTP headers and their values.

Checking the HTTP Header of the user opens many possibilities. For example, you can hide part of the page content with specific crawlers, hide a block with users that come from links placed on certain websites, and much more.

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