PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro


Your WooCommerce store should offer gift cards!

Gift Cards are convenient and increase sales organically. the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin makes it easy to sell gift cards to your store. So easy to get started, you can be selling gift cards for your WooCommerce store in 5 minutes!

Purchasing Similar to gift cards, the customer can specify the amount, recipient, and message when purchasing.

Receiving WooCommerce email template system for beautiful emails. Click the link directly in the email to add the gift card to the cart automatically!

Redeeming Integrates into your theme to make redeeming a gift card easy for the customer. Applies the balance after tax, just like cash. New balance shown on the cart and checkout pages.

Guest Checkout Gift cards are not tied to a specific account so guests can receive gift cards without having to create an account.

Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders If you use the WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin from

Setup is easy! One-click creation of the Gift Card product. Easily customized to suit your needs.

Gift Card Admin See your gift card liability at a glance. View details about individual cards.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro lets you do more:

  • Set Custom Amounts – Allow customers to specify the amount. You can set a minimum and a maximum amount.
  • Schedule delivery – Optionally allow customers to schedule when a gift card will be delivered.
  • Specify a Default Amount – Choose an amount that will be pre-selected when purchasing a gift card.
  • Customer-facing Balance Page – A shortcode to let customers check their gift card balances.
  • Adding funds to existing gift card – Customers can add funds to existing gift cards from the Check Balance page.
  • Expiration Dates – Automatically set an expiration date based on the purchase date.
  • Balance Adjustments – Perform balance adjustments in the admin area.
  • Sell Physical Gift Cards – Import existing gift card numbers and balances.
  • Manually Generate Gift Cards – Specify the amount and quantity for the cards to create multiple cards in one step.
  • REST API – Adheres to the WordPress and WooCommerce REST API standards.
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