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Propovoice Pro - Best WordPress CRM & Invoicing Plugin


Best WP CRM & Invoicing Plugin for Business Owners and Freelancers

Wanna scale up your freelancing and service business? Then you must give up random manual work and walk in an organized way. Clients are kings. You have to build a strong relationship with your clients that will bring you not only instant business growth but also sustainable business success.

New technologies are evolving fast in this era of digitalization and bringing big changes to the ways we work and live. Propovoice CRM changes the way you handle your Service Business. Propovoice CRM is a client relationship management solution for small to mid-level service agencies and freelancers in WordPress. It will help you manage your business process – including everything like managing leads, deals, estimates, invoicing, projects, and getting paid on time.

All the important features that you need to manage your service business are free in Propovoice CRM. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use.

To let you get more clients, manage them well, grow their satisfaction, prepare billing documents in a professional way, and get paid more and on time is the ultimate goal of Propovoice CRM.


  • Freelancers
  • Service Agencies
  • Service Sellers
  • Individual Contractors


Your self-hosted CRM automates your service business and other key benefits

  • No Random Work, All Organized
  • Less Missed, More Gained
  • Less Chaos, More time
  • Less Worry, More Joy
  • Self-hosted means fully yours
  • Focused on service selling automation
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