Pro Bulk Watermark Plugin for WordPress


Here you’ll find out what Pro Watermark can do.

You can install it on any wordpress website

It’s very simple to install and use, please take a look at the documentation and video tutorial

Very important! The source images are not affected! There’s only a watermark applied on them without doing any modifications to the source

Select Watermark Type – Text or Image

Select Image Quality

Select Watermark image min size

Select Watermark alignment

For developers – Activate watermark only for this IP(s)

Live demo right on the administration to see how the watermark looks like on your images.

Upload custom watermark image

Add some margins to your watermark

Select Watermark opacity

Text Watermark – Enter custom text to use as watermark

Select text fontsize , color & opacity

Exclude files – you can exclude images / folders

.htaccess settings for advanced users

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