PrivateContent - User Data Add-on


Pushing PrivateContent forms to the limit!
User Data add-on boosts PrivateContent plugin allowing you to create and use unlimited fields of any type (except uploads) to store more user informations.

Once created, they will be automatically integrated in PrivateContent engine and ready to be used in registration or data-update forms.

Each field is dynamically validated, granting only true and consistent data to be stored. Check

  • String length
  • Numeric ranges
  • Date ranges
  • Multi-option checks
  • Strings length
  • Specific textual types (integer and floating numbers, e-mail address, dates, URLs)

and also use advanced regular expressions to restrict allowed values!
Is also possible to set an icon and a placeholder for every text or dropdown field.
Finally custom fields can be added in users list and you can obviously sort and search users by them. Giving you the best overview possible to work better and faster!

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