PrivateContent - Premium Plans Add-on


Pay and time-limited subscriptions

PrivateContent is known to be a free membership plugin, but what if you want to monetize your website? Premium Plans add-on satisfies this need, turning the original plugin into a true platform to monetize your contents and set time limits.

It is based on the most popular WordPress e-commerce system: wooCommerce! Offering the most complete e-commerce experience you can have today, thanks to its powerful, stable and extensibile systems.

Premium Plans also supports recurring payments, in conjunction with WooCommerce Subscription plugin!

As per LCweb’s philosophy, you have complete freedom on setup: plans can be free or also without time limit. You can even set a trial period, applied to new registered users.

Premium plans could be also a great way to grant access to trusted users only: in fact is possible to automatically enable pending users after successfull payment.

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