PixelPlay - Video Autoplay WordPress Plugin


Shooting memorable moments in your camera and uploading it as a Youtube video, Vimeo video or any custom video has always been a fascinating chore, But having no views and lesser clicks breaks your heart. We know who can help you, Pixel play. Give your uploaded video a stunning overlay that will push your viewers to watch it, with us.

Pixel Play has features that can present your video with a tempting overlay. Views on your videos will drive your spirit to record numerous videos for your audience and viewers. You can start with three easy steps, add your video URL, choose a template, edit it a little, and there you go, ready to publish the shortcode on your WordPress site. Relax and see the results after this.

You can hook your WordPress theme with Pixel play and make it even more glamorous. The templates are fully customizable. You can add text, an emoji, an image, an animated sticker, and the voice-over feature to lock your viewer's eyes on your video.

Try our demo
Login URL :- https://kamleshyadav.com/plugin/pixelplay/user-access/wp-admin/

Username :- userlogin

Password :- userlogin@12345#

Features of the plugin

Drag and Drop Editor
Supports Youtube, Vimeo, and Custom Video
20 Pre Built Demo Templates
Users can change the overlay
Draggable and Resizable Emoji Option
Draggable and Resizable Play Button
Voice over option
Supports Template Import
Overlay Background
Animation Option
Ready To Use Shortcode for generated template

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