Nest - Flyout Sliding Panels for WordPress


Nest is a WordPress plugin that adds buttery smooth and fully responsive content panels to any website. Create a site-wide panel, override with per-post and per-page panels, then customize each panel independently and tremendously.

Introduce a new product, announce an event, embed a mailing list, add a contact form... use for absolutely anything you need!


  • Display Anything
    Nest panels can show any content: text, video, images, forms, embeds, shortcodes etc. You are only limited by your needs and imagination.
  • Panel Size, Positioning, Speed etc.
    Essentially every aspect of the appearance of a Nest panel can be customized. With just a few clicks you can change all colors, a panel’s width, height, positioning, animation speed, scrollbar styling and so much more.
  • Panel Background
    Use solid color or upload an image (full size or pattern). Customize background color and set custom opacities for see-through effect. Site overlay also fully customizable.
  • Activation & Close Buttons
    Choose from multiple button styles, set positioning, add custom button texts and font sizes, customize colors.

Other options include:
+ Activate panel when scrolled to anchor
+ Automatic, time-delayed activation (w/ per-session option)
+ Activate via custom element (button, link, image etc.)
+ Show/hide panel on specific posts/pages
+ Animate your site content when a panel is opened/closed
+ Use shortcodes to insert activation button anywhere
+ Show only on mobile, desktop, or both.

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