Morph: Flyout Mobile Menu Plugin for WordPress


Morph is an easy-to-use slide-out menu for WordPress. While primarily intended for use on mobile devices, it also has the flexibility to work just as well on desktop screens. Where and how to display it is in fact completely up to you, as you have the freedom to specify the exact resolution range you wish to have it displayed on.

With the massive amounts of customization included, you can make sure Morph blends in seamlessly with your website. Change colors, enable/disable and modify different elements, expand with widgets, place on either the left or right side of the screen, and so much more.

+ Left/right positioning
+ Multiple menu button styles and animations
+ Customize menu button label
+ All included buttons have regular and thin variations
+ Logo as text or image
+ Primary, multi-level accordion menu
+ Multi-level menu descriptions
+ Secondary pop-out menu
+ Search function
+ Heading background image/pattern
+ Control image area height
+ Control heading background overlay color and opacity
+ Customize menu flyout speed and width
+ Two menu button animations (or none at all)
+ Fixed/absolute positioning options
+ Show/hide at set resolutions
+ Hide your theme menu when Morph menu is active (via class/ID)

Note: Morph includes assets in the download files that are sourced from a third party and different license terms may apply to those assets. These will be identified in the downloaded files with a copy of the other license which will apply to those assets.

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