Live News - Real Time News Ticker


Live News is a WordPress plugin inspired from the news tickers used by broadcast television stations.

This versatile plugin can be use to display in real time information such as:

  • Latest news
  • Financial news
  • Weather warnings
  • Election results
  • Sport results
  • Advertising messages
  • Featured articles
  • The latest tweets
  • An RSS feed
  • And More ...

Note that all the colors, the graphical assets, and the typography used in the news ticker can be easily customized, so you can match the style of your website.

Four Sources of News

Manually create the news from the back-end, automatically generate the news from your posts, retrieve the news from an RSS feed or use the tweets of a Twitter account to generate the sliding news.

100% Customizable

Use the 56 customizable options per news ticker, 4 options per featured news, 9 options per sliding news and 4 general options to create an unlimited number of news tickers. Each news ticker can have different colors and typography, different sources of news and different behaviors.

Super Optimized

This plugin is suitable to be used on websites with high traffic or hosted on shared servers with limited resources. Since it uses the powerful WordPress Transients API the impact of the news tickers on the performance of the website will be negligible.

Multisite Ready

Feel free to install this plugin in a single WordPress installation or in a WordPress multisite environment. Single activations, network activations or activations on single sub-sites of the network are supported.

Multilanguage Ready

Live News comes by default in English and Italian, if you want to translate the plugin in another language simply create a translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage plugin.

Additional Information

  • WordPress 4.0 and later versions are supported
  • PHP 5.2.4 and later versions are supported
  • The information displayed in the news ticker are updated in real time with a JavaScript timer
  • The number of AJAX requests sent to the server can be configured based on the specific preference of the website administrator
  • The WordPress Transient API is used to cache the data of the news ticker and decrease the server load
  • With mobile devices the news ticker can be displayed or not based on an option
  • The news tickers can be applied to the entire website or only on specific URLs
  • Multiple news tickers can be created if needed (for example one for the homepage, one for the products page, etc.)
  • The news ticker has a fixed position on the bottom of the screen and can't be moved
  • The sliding speed can be configured with an option
  • The number of displayed news can be configured with an option
  • The clock can be displayed or not based on an option
  • The title of the featured news and the sliding news can be linked to specific URLs if needed
  • The RTL layout for Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. websites can be enabled with an option
  • To retrieve tweets from a Twitter account the creation of a Twitter App and the deployment of the plugin on a real web server are necessary conditions
  • Not all the RSS feeds are appropriate as a source for the news ticker (the title, description and link tags of the XML source should include the proper data)
  • Programmed with OOP techniques
  • Commented code
  • Includes a complete manual with related video tutorials


This plugin makes use of the following resources:

  • Chosen licensed under the MIT License
  • Twitter API PHP licensed under the MIT License
  • Mobile Detect licensed under the MIT License
  • The json2xml JavaScript function (available in the live-news/public/assets/js/general.js file) is licensed under the Creative Commons GNU LGPL License

Links to the resources and related licenses are available in the plugin manual.

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