Kadence Shop Kit - Grow Your eCommerce Revenue


Grow Your eCommerce Revenue with Shop Kit

With over 15 powerful modules, Kadence Shop Kit 2.0 is the most robust WooCommerce extension available.

Build Product Pages that Convert

  • Customize your Product Layout
    Supercharge the WordPress block editor to create dynamic and attractive product layouts with Kadence Shop Kit’s custom template builder.
  • Advanced Gallery Styles
    Display product images that convert customers by customizing how your gallery works on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Variation Swatches
    Create innovative ways to display product variations, including color swatches, image swatches, and radio boxes. Set displays on an attribute-by-attribute basis to optimize the best look for each variation.
  • Variation Galleries
    Design dynamic galleries that uniquely connect with customers, no matter what device they’re using to shop. Customize your look on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Advanced Reviews
    Create immediate social proof with great reviews, voting capabilities, and order reviews to show the highest-voted reviews first. Display a review overview board.
  • Custom Global Tabs
    Build dynamic informational tabs using the WordPress block editor to unlock any kind of global tab layout you desire with Shop Kit’s custom template builder.
  • Sizing Charts
    Simplify sizing decisions with easy-to-build size charts that can be applied to one product or to a whole product category. Add size charts to the product page as a tab, or use a button that opens a modal with your site chart.
  • Product Brands
    Leverage brand influence on product displays, choosing where to show on archive and single product pages. Show recognizable logos, or just the brand name. Add a filter-by-brands widget to your site.
  • Affiliate Product Options
    Grow your revenue capabilities by unlocking affiliate sales with the Shop Kit affiliate product options.
  • Variation Price Control
    Optionally change how your variable products display pricing by showing either the lowest or highest price in the variable product. You can also add text before or after the price, for example “Base Price: $45.”
  • Custom Labels
    Build unique and creative custom text labels for a more personalized shopping experience. “Add to Cart” easily becomes “Buy Shoes.” Take the mystery out of variable products setting specific archives names instead of “select options.”

Optimize your Checkout Flow

  • Custom Checkout Fields
    Reduce checkout friction by customizing the checkout to your customers’ unique needs. Enable and disable checkout fields or create your own fields using the checkout manager. Easily customize your checkout forms and control which fields are added to WooCommerce emails.
  • Conditional Cart Banners
    Create custom cart messages that target specific carts based on cart contents, total price, or total weight of items in the cart. Generate personalized upsells specific to the shopper’s experience, or offer promotions to encourage another product purchase or choosing a product with more value.
  • Extra Category Descriptions
    Use the Shop Kit extra description area below the products on WooCommerce category description pages. More content and descriptions on the product category pages can help boost your WooCommerce shop’s search engine optimization.
  • Snack Bar Notices
    Display succinct messages that clear after a short delay to encourage desired shopper behavior or provide helpful yet non-intrusive confirmation notices. Helpful for lightweight yet helpful messages such as add to cart confirmation and more.
  • Email Customizer
    Customize default transactional WooCommerce email templates with your own design and branding for a truly unique commerce experience that only your eCommerce store can provide.
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