HT QR Code Generator for WordPress


HT QR Code Generator is a WordPress plugin to generate QR code from the WordPress dashboard. Elementor widget, WordPress widget and Shortcodes are available to generate QR codes. This plugin helps to generate QR code for custom text/link, mail-to link, email message, mobile message, phone call number, current page link, etc.

QR code can store data and information, which can be scanned and saved onto a mobile phone. QR code is versatile, it can be used for any purposes, helps for both website owners and customers. QR code reduces and saves money for advertising and marketing costs by putting the QR code on a website. A visitor can scan and save this QR code for his future use. A QR code can boost exposure and increase more revenue at the lowest investment.

QR Code Generator helps to generate code for:
Custom text/custom link.
Current page URL.
Mail to link/Email Message.
Call us/Phone call/Send SMS.
Skype contact.
WIFI Access.

Styling Options:
Custom background.
Custom Logo.
Border color, width, height.
And much more..

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