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With over 3 million active installs, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

Why MonsterInsights Pro?

  • Audience Report helps you get to know your visitors in a whole new way. It shows you detailed insights like which country your visitors are coming from, what are they most interested in, which device are they using, their age, gender, and a whole lot more. You can use this demographics report and audience clues to tweak your website design and content accordingly.
  • Publishers Report helps you understand which pages your visitors are arriving, and which pages they are leaving from. Designed specifically for blogs and other resource sites, this powerful report will show you which outbound links are getting clicked so you can easily optimize for higher conversions.
  • Behavior Report shows you exactly how people find your website, which keywords did they search for, who referred them, what did they click on your site, and more. You can use these useful stats to identify low-hanging fruits, new partnership opportunities, and promotional areas to focus on.
  • Content Report shows you stats on exactly which content gets the most visits, so you can stop guessing and start creating content that gets more traffic and conversion.
  • Ecommerce Report shows you important store stats like total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top referral sources, and more (all in one place).
  • Forms Report shows you conversion stats for various contact forms and lead forms on your website, so you can improve the conversions to grow your business.
  • Search Console Report shows you exactly how well your website is ranking in Google, so you can further optimize your SEO to grow your organic traffic.
  • Custom Dimensions Report helps you dig deeper by showing you useful stats like who are your most popular authors, what are the best publication times, which are your most popular categories or tags, how well are your Yoast focus keywords and SEO score performing, and more.
  • Site Speed Report makes it easy to track pagespeed insights and loading times for your website and get the information you need to improve user experience and your SEO rankings.

List of all available add-ons

  • Ads Addon v1.8.0
  • AMP Addon v1.6.1
  • Dimensions Addon v2.0.5
  • eCommerce Addon v8.3.8
  • EU Compliance Addon v2.2.4
  • Facebook Instant Articles Addon v1.2.1
  • Forms Addon v2.2.4
  • Google Optimize Addon v1.5.1
  • Media Addon v1.0.3
  • Page Insights Addon v1.5.1
  • Performance Addon v1.7.2
  • User Journey Addon v1.0.5
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