FS Poster - #1 Social Media Auto Poster & Scheduler WordPress Plugin


FS Poster social media auto-poster is developed to make WordPress users achieve the best social media experience and grow their online presence.

Drive website traffic

You need a high volume of website visitors to appear high on search results. Grabbing the attention of browsers is a tough job on search results. FS Poster social media auto-poster allows you to welcome your social media visitors directly to your website with few clicks.

Have a fresh-looking feed

It takes too much time to create content, organize it for social media, and manually publish them on separate social channels. FS Poster developed full of features to help website owners achieve consistency across multiple platforms and build the best social media experience for users.

Enrich your social media

  • Automatically publish your WordPress post to multiple social
    platforms at the same time
  • Use Emojis to be more authentic and easily grab followers’ attention
  • The plugin can be easily Translated into any language based on the users’ preference
  • Supports RTL typography to provide convenience to all users
  • Use Multi-user support to manage the plugin access by roles

Direct management of social media

We know that publishing content is not enough for successful social media management. FS Poster is the best WordPress social media auto-poster plugin for the automation of social media management. It gives you:

  • Graphical illustration of the scheduled posts by their daily, weekly, or monthly statistics
  • Network comparison: presenting the performance of each social network by their click counts in a pie chart.
  • Account comparison for identifying the performance of different social media accounts across multiple platforms
  • Insights into the individual post statistics by their impression and engagement.

Easy configuration

A straightforward user experience is what we aim for. Comprehensive written documentation and streaming video tutorials guide users on how to install the plugin and configure social media accounts.

Users can easily access the updates with one click. Our user in mind team of developers regularly releases updates to fix bugs and provide competitive features to the plugin.

Available for everyone

We believe that social media automation should not be a hindrance to marketing optimization. This is why we offer FS Poster Lite with significant features making it free for all WordPress users:

  • Simultaneously manage all social networks by adding one account per each social platform
  • Social media poster will auto-post to managed groups and pages on Facebook
  • Share your blog links to your Twitter profile
  • Auto-post WordPress content, articles to LinkedIn community groups, pages, personal profiles
  • Social media auto-poster will auto-post your content on Reddit and subreddits
  • Share your blogs with your Tumblr community
  • Spread your content through VK.ru pages, communities, events
  • Share your blog links with friends on OK.ru accounts and groups
  • Broadcast to Telegram and Plurk.
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