WooCommerce License Manager


This is a WooCommerce License Delivery plugin for stores that sell products that require a license key like software, games, gift cards, or any other products that need a license key delivered after purchase.

Why choose WooCommerce License Manager?

  • Variable Product Support Fully
    Compatible with WooCommerce variable products, send different license keys/code per variation.
  • Image License Keys
    Delivery license keys in image format like physical Steam cards, phone recharge cards, gift cards.
  • Backorders support
    If license keys/codes are not available in stock the can be assigned to the order later allowing customers to backorders.
  • Bulk Import/Export
    Text and image license/codes can be bulk imported to save time, also license keys can be exported all or by status or
  • License Keys Encryption
    All the license/codes in the database are encrypted to make sure they are always safe and secure.
  • Custom Order Status Support
    AlL native and custom order statuses are support to give you compete control over when to delivery license keys.
  • Product Bundles Support
    Compatible with product bundles plugins, license manager will delivery license keys for your bundled products.
  • License Keys Generator
    Generating key for you digital products never been easier, if enabled a key will generated and send it to your customer.
  • Software Licensing API
    Developers API to license and control software activation and use, license verification and deactivation.
  • Translation Ready
    Translation files included in the package so you can easily translate the plugin to your language.
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