Social followers bar for WordPress


Social followers bar display social followers counter bar to your WordPress website. Social followers bar can show the number of subscribers on various Social Networks, as well as create simple buttons for subscribing or following.

Social follower's bar can retrieve subscribers/follower’s counter and display it on your site. The plugin works with all popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others. In total, the Social follower's bar supports the 14 most popular Social Networks as well as three types of data related to WordPress.

The plugin works great with all popular social networks and hubs:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • SoundCloud
  • VK
  • Flickr
  • GitHub
  • Twitch
  • Envato
  • Dribbble
  • Reddit

as well as basic WordPress metrics:

  • WordPress posts
  • WordPress comments
  • WordPress users

The social follower's bar has very flexible settings that do not require knowledge of the code. You can change the colors, border-radius, initial and hover animations, paddings, and margins.

You can set up every social network very flexible, and for this, you do not need to write lines of code. You can customize text colors, icons, and frames; add text before and after the button, turn the icon on or off, change the order of social networks, and also set the data caching time.

In addition to the standard functionality, the plugin also includes bonuses. Inside the package, you will find a Widget for the Elementor as well as an Addon for the WP Bakery builder. If your theme uses widgets, then you will be happy to see the Social follower's bar Widget on the settings page of your theme. And of course, we have prepared WordPress shortcode for you that can be used anywhere in any part of your site.

Features of the Social followers bar WordPress plugin
+ Includes counters for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more
+ May be placed anywhere on the site
+ Customizable icons, colors, borders, margins, paddings, etc.
+ 10 amazing Initial Animations for button and 12 smooth hover effects
+ Button with or without followers(subscribers) counter
+ Custom icons, captions, and colors for each Social Network
+ The plugin also includes Widget for Elementor, Addon for WP Bakery, WordPress Widget and WordPress shortcode for placing in any page builder or editor.
+ 13 buttons styles combinations and 8 layouts preset
+ 7 positions for placing the plugin on the page
+ Works well with all WordPress themes
+ Gutenberg compliant
+ Included pot file for quick translation on any language
+ Perfect for RTL direction
+ Fast and smooth installing
+ Tested and compatible up to WordPress 5++
+ Lightweight and Fast
+ Native valid JavaScript, without jQuery
+ All major browsers supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge
+ 100% SEO friendly
+ Easy to use and customize
+ Modern User Interface
+ Built-in interface for binding the plugin to categories, single pages, user roles, devices and more
+ Installation Guide
+ Detailed Users Manual
+ Huge customization capabilities
+ Six months Included Support for CodeCanyon buyers

We keep an eye on the WordPress core updates and regularly update our plugins. So you can be sure that the plugin is fully functional with the latest version of WordPress.

The Social followers bar WordPress plugin is exceptionally compatible with all modern browsers. It does not matter which browser users view your site: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge. Everything will look great on all devices and in all browsers. And this is especially important if your website has much unique content, such as a Blog, Glossary, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Creative Agency, Real Estate Listing, Personal CV, a Restaurant, Retail Company, Global Media Agency or Magazine.

The social follower’s bar installation takes only a few seconds. Also, you do not need to make long preparations; all you have to do is add links to your social networks. The plugin is ready to work immediately after installation – you only need to install and activate it in WordPress.


1.1.0 – 17 December 2019

  • Added icon/text font size setting
  • Added Dribbble and Reddit
  • Fixed the unsafe cross-origin destination for links

1.0.1 – 5 December 2019

  • Fixed error on Custom CSS tab
  • Minor CSS improvements

1.0.0 – 29 November 2019

  • Initial release
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