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WordPress Vimeo Gallery Plugin


Elfsight Vimeo Gallery is an easy plugin for everyone who wants to display Vimeo videos shape playlists, integrate a whole channel, and find the most engaging content for a video gallery. Elfsight Vimeo Gallery allows you to create an interface that will suit for various use cases. Inbuilt plugin layouts will arrange the videos optimum way, and a choice of play modes will make watching your videos handy for any user. With the help of the switchable header it’s easy to introduce your Vimeo account and increase subscribers.

WP Vimeo plugin is what you need
+ If you want to embed you Vimeo channel on your site
+ If you want to show a gallery of selected videos
+ If you need to create an orderly playlist with useful videos
+ If you don’t want to spend much time adding all your locations on the map and shaping info cards

Use all the benefits of Vimeo Gallery for WordPress

Increase engagement level on the site

With an opportunity to select videos and add them by URLs or username, you can collect the most exciting video gallery for your website and make it attract a long-lasting attention of website visitors.

Attract new subscribers to your channel

Embedding your channel, you will contribute to its promotion. The header of the Vimeo plugin shows the channel name, logo, statistics, and a Follow button, that allows one-click subscription.

Promote your products

Tell users moe about what you sell or offer. Using various formats of videos: tutorials, instructions, reviews - you can deliver meaningful information about your items or services and help increase sales.

Key features
+ Embedding a Vimeo channel by username
+ Adding selected videos by URLs
+ Showing the plugin title
+ 20+ languages supported
+ 3 layouts for various videos arranging: Grid, Playlist, Slider
+ Setting the number of columns and rows in the grid
+ Choosing the gutter space in Grid layout
+ Pagination or Load more button option of navigation
+ Setting the number of columns and rows for mobiles and tablets
+ Show or hide video numbering in Playlist layout
+ Slider layout with arrows or drag to navigate
+ Choosing slide switch speed and speed of auto slide change
+ Adding dots to mark pagination in Slider layout
+ The option to show or hide the plugin header
+ 7 switchable elements of the plugin header:name, statistics, description, follow button, profile picture
+ 4 flexible elements of the videos:title, duration, play icon. Vimeo icon
+ Flexible plugin width
+ Four play modes: Popup, Player, Inline, or on Vimeo
+ 3 options after video finishes: play next, replay, none
+ The option of video autoplay
+ 3 paintable elements of the interface: text, background, theme color

Still wonder why Elfsight Vimeo plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ The most careful selection of content for your video gallery

Try Vimeo Gallery widget now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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