WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin


With WordPress Twitter Feed by Efsight, you can add on your site a customized feed of one of the most popular social media. Embed your own Twitter feed with header and action buttons, create a collection of Tweets by hashtag or display customer testimonials about your products from Twitter. Allow your users all Tweet actions right on the website: retweet, reply, like, share. Choose the best layout, add colors and find the right proportions of the widget. Increase the number of followers and grow engagement on your site with lively and interactive feed.

The Twitter Feed plugin is what you need
+ If you want to display your Twitter feed on your site with all actions
+ If you want to show testimonials Tweets about your business with rating
+ If you want to create a collection of Tweets by hashtag
+ If you want an intuitive and effective solution

Get all the benefits of WordPress Twitter Feed

Boost the level of visitor engagement on your site

Twitter feed on your website is an additional source of content. It will engage users and attract new audience of your site, thus increasing the level of visitor engagement.

Actively grow the number of new followers and retweets

Twitter Feed allows all usual Tweet actions right in the feed. With it, more people will have a chance to Follow you or retweet and reply to your Tweets.

Higher trust to your offers with testimonials from Twitter

Convince users that your offers are worth purchasing. Show them testimonial Tweets of other people, where they describe your business and grow their trust.

Key features

WP Twitter widget can be easily installed to your website in seconds and has a clear and intuitive editor. It opens a lot of possibilities in form designing with its diverse list of features:
+ Display Tweets from your own account or select by hashtag
+ Create a feed with testimonial Tweets about your business
+ Rate testimonial Tweets with stars
+ Follow button on the header helps increase the number of subscribers of your account
+ Set widget width or make it full width
+ Set widget height or leave it adaptive to content height
+ Hide the header to show only Tweets
+ Choose full or compact header layout
+ All Tweet actions supported: reply, retweet, like.
+ Share tweets in Facebook
+ Copy the Tweets link
+ Choose from available languages or request your language and we will translate the widget
+ Show/hide elements of each Tweet: author, date, Twitter icon, and actions: reply, retweet, like, share
+ A special icon to mark verified accounts
+ Automatic feed coloring with theme color from your Twitter account
+ Set a custom theme color for the widget
+ Browser data cache - faster loading with widgets on several pages
+ Nice preview links in Tweets
+ Tweet text formatting, displaying photo and video content
+ Retweets indication in the feed
+ Tweets display limit in the feed
+ Retweet count, Like count in Tweets

Still wonder why Twitter feed widget is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ Clean balanced design to suit any website

Try the Twitter Feed plugin now for free or explore its full potential in live demo!

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