WordPress Team Showcase Plugin


WordPress Team Showcase plugin by Elfsight makes it super easy to have an About us page on your website and acquaint website users with your colleagues. With the help of our plugin, you can demonstrate a photo, contact info and a small text about every colleague. Visitors will get an opportunity to reach them in one click with direct links and social icons. The plugin supports create categories and convey the structure of your team, choose various layouts, add colors and a lot more. Increase confidence in your business, demonstrating its real faces!

WP Team Showcase plugin is what you need
+ If you want to find the best way to tell about your team on the site
+ If you to make it easy for website visitors to contact any of your colleagues
+ If you don’t want to spend much time creating impressive portfolios

Use all the benefits of Team Plugin for WordPress

Increase website users’ trust in your business

Showing the real people behind the business creates emotional connection and makes your company more “human”. This is a good way to increase trust in it among those who don’t know you yet.

Attract new customers through compelling narration

Tell more about the values of your company and the approach that you prefer via stories of your team members. This will help convince more people that your company is worth dealing with.

Make your employees easy-to reach

Provide maximum contact info for every team member and make them available in social media and chats. With active links. Users will be able to contact any employee just in one click.

Key features

  • Show each team member with a photo, position, contact info, and detailed text
  • Option to add unlimited team members
  • Clickable icons of social media to go to a person’s profile
  • Clickable website link and email address
  • Location address opens on Google Maps on click
  • Popup opens on click with full details about a person
  • Option to add a quotation for each person through a text field with formatting options
  • Uploading a photo in all popular formats
  • Text field with formatting options to add a person’s biography
  • Links supported in biography and quote text fields
  • Option to create unlimited categories and assign team members to them
  • Choose to show or hide groups
  • Options to reorder, clone, and delete groups
  • Two variants to show groups: as a list or by one with a menu
  • Option to add call-to-action button to redirect users to any page
  • Option to set any link for call-to-action button
  • Editable label of the call-to-action button
  • Editable caption of the button
  • Add a custom widget title
  • 4 variants of layout: Grid, Cards, Gallery, List
  • Text align for three widget layouts: left or center
  • 4 paintable interface elements: widget background, item background and text, and call-to-action button

Still wonder why Elfsight plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest embedding without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ The most informative and touching way to present your team

Try Team Showcase plugin now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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