WordPress Image Slider Plugin


WordPress Slider plugin is an uncomplicated instrument allowing you to get site visitors attention by showing them various images, videos or the finest offers on your website. Use any number of slides you need to boast your products and highlight hot offers. Add visual effects and scale the image / video size the way you like. By means of our plugin you’ll be able to create an apparent slider which will catch users attention and won’t let them leave your website in a rush.

WP Slider plugin is what you need
+ If you want to announce all your special offers at once
+ If you want to make your content unskippable for site visitors
+ If you don’t know how to introduce your brand to the audience the right way

Use all the benefits of Slider for WordPress

Enhance the level of engagement
Our plugin will help you in creating vivid sliders which will be unmissable for your audience. Use all the possibilities like zoom and parallax, ready layouts and content overlay to make your messages highly effective.

Provide better user experience

Put all the hot offers at one place - make it easy for users to find discounts and useful cases. Make the most important content highly visible on the page.

Boost your sales

Showcase your best products, offers and products all at one place at the top of your web page. Guide users through their customer journey and help them make the purchase decision.

Key features
+ Add images / videos by URL or upload directly from your device
+ Looped background video
+ Call-to-action buttons
+ Badges with multiple design options (filled / outlined, scalable element size)
+ Advanced content position
+ Adjustable slide switching duration
+ Automatic slide transitions
+ Pagination (bullets, strokes, thumbnails, numbers)
+ Swipe navigation
+ Adaptable layout - place your text anywhere on the page
+ Custom title size
+ Add media elements (images or video)
+ Content overlay slide by slide
+ Possibility to pause the slide on hover
+ Show progressbar
+ Two different image transition options: Slide and Fade
+ Five changeable content elements (title, text, media, button, badge)
+ Unlimited amount of slides
+ Adjustable slide dimensions (1600 px width and 800 px height by default)

Still wonder why WP Popup plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ The most interactive way to engage your users

Try Slider plugin now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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