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Elfsight PayPal Button provides a simple way to allow your customers to make payments via PayPal on your website. It enables you to create buttons for single payments that can include taxes and shipping price; subscriptions with recurring option; and donations with specified or open value. Localization and wide choice of currencies will help make transactions comfortable for you and your clients. Set up a smooth and secure payment procedure for your clients using one of the most reputable payment tools in seconds.

This PayPal Button plugin is what you need
+ If you want an effective payment tool on your website without any coding
+ If you need a single solution to process payments, set subscriptions, and collect donations
+ If you want to allow your clients to use of the most reputable and well-known payment systems on your site
+ If you need a simple and intuitive solution not to rack your brains over

Use all the benefits of Elfsight PayPal Button

Payment button added to your site in no-time

It will take just seconds to add a PayPal button to your website without coding and start receiving payments right away

A single widget for payments, subscriptions and donations

Save your time and effort with a universal widget that supports one-time payments, subscriptions and donations

A popular and trusted payment tool on your site

Embed on your website a payment system, which is known all over the world and popular with clients

Key features

Elfsight PayPal Button features a lot of useful options that will make it easier for you to arrange your payment tool on the website:
+ Three types of buttons: Single payment, Subscription, Donation
+ Option to add product name
+ Setting your button localization from the predefined list of countries
+ A library of all the most popular currencies
+ Setting product price
+ Option to set shipping price
+ Two variants of tax indication: flat or percentage
+ Choose one of billing intervals: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
+ Set your custom billing interval, choosing billing cycle and billing period, for example every three months.
+ Option of recurred subscription
+ You can change button size using a handy slider bar
+ Responsive size for optimum look on any device
+ Adjustable button width
+ Choice of button color
+ PayPal logo color: original or white
+ Adjustable button text and text color
+ Button border options: size, color, radius
+ Four switchable payment systems icons for more customer trust and security
+ Show or hide PayPal icon
+ Show or hide PayPal logo text
+ Set any text above the button, using Button header
+ Option to direct a client to a custom Thank you page after a successful transaction

Still wonder why Elfsight plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ Clean and flexible interface to suit any website

Try Elfsight PayPal Button plugin now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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