WordPress Accordion FAQ Plugin


Elfsight FAQ plugin for WordPress allows to shape a structured question-answer list with easily accessible information for your clients and helps to display it on your website most effectively. Make your FAQ user-friendly and handy for readers to provide them with the info they are looking for before they address your Support team. Take a chance to combat customer doubts and misconceptions about your products to increase sales.

WordPress FAQ plugin by Elfsight is what you need
+ If you want to display the answers to the most frequent customer questions in a structured and handy to search way
+ If you want to provide more details about your products, services, and conditions for deeper understanding by clients
+ If you want to focus readers’ attention on your benefits and combat any fears, doubts and misconceptions about your business
+ If you don’t want to spend much time customizing and searching for the best way to display the widget


Boost sales by answering clients’ questions

Provide your customers with the answers they are looking for before they asked for them and give them maximum information about your offers to eliminate any doubts and obstacles on the way to purchase.

Help your clients understand your business better

Use FAQ answers as one more way to reveal all the details about your terms and conditions, show the benefits of your products or services, and achieve better understanding of your business model and image.

Reduce Support service time and cost by 40%

Be proactive in customer interaction and anticipate the most frequent customer questions by providing comprehensible and easy-to-find answers. It will prevent more inquiries to your Support Center and reduce the effort and cost.

Key features
+ 3 ready layouts: accordion, list, multicolumn
+ Accordion layout to show answers on click
+ List layout to display answers below questions
+ Multicolumn layout for automatic spreading the content into columns
+ Cross or arrow accordion icon
+ Editable widget title
+ 4 ready-to-use styles with borders and shadows
+ Customizable colors of question text, answer text and category name
+ Show or hide category names
+ 36 predefined icons for categories
+ Html in the text supported
+ Microdata question schema, to help with SEO

What makes Elfsight FAQ website plugin better than any other?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ Optimum layouts for any size and structure of your content

Try Elfsight FAQ plugin now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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