WordPress Age Verification Plugin


Elfsight Age Verification plugin allows you to embed website an age-check popup on your to protect it from underage visitors. Set any age limit, and your widget will give access to the age-sensitive content only to those visitors, who reached the age. You can embed the widget on all or specific pages, and select the action after access denial. The interface is fully customizable, with paintable elements and an option to upload pictures.

WP Age Verification plugin is what you need
+ If you have any age-sensitive content that should be protected from underage viewers
+ If you want to have an easy and smooth age verification tool
+ If you want to ensure your website compliance with the law

Use all the benefits of Age Verification for WordPress

Fully SEO-friendly for more effective indexing

Elfsight Age Verification plugin doesn’t block the content of the page where it is embedded from indexing. It helps to you get a better indexing ang prevent dropping the ranking of your site.

Higher legal compliance of your website

All your age-sensitive content will be protected by the plugin from the underage visitors, which will make your website compliant with the legislation.

More valid customers and target audience

With age check right at the site entering, you will attract only target audience to your website and increase the number of vaid potential customers.

Key features
+ Show age verification popup at page load
+ Set the age restriction
+ Display the age check on all website or on particular pages
+ Exclude the pages where you don’t need the verification
+ Choose one of three verification methods: date of birth, year of birth, a question with Yes and No options
+ The option to remember a visitor for any amount of time in days
+ Two scenarios for underage visitors: show a custom message or redirect to any address
+ Enter the text of the message in the verification window
+ Show additional text with links supported under the verification button
+ Enter the text of button caption
+ Set your own text for Yes and No buttons
+ Upload your company logo to show it above the message
+ Upload any picture to add to the verification window
+ An option to upload an overlay background image to hide the website content
+ Choose font sizes and colors
+ Paint overlay and popup backgrounds to your taste
+ Set colors for buttons

Still wonder why Elfsight Verification plugin is outstanding?
+ The easiest and fastest installation without any coding
+ Responsive and intuitive editor for the fastest customization
+ The most informative and touching way to present your team

Try Age Verification widget now for free or see it in action in live demo!

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