Easy Custom JS and CSS for WordPress


Add your custom js code & css styles without theme changes

Easy custom JS & CSS is a lightweight and rich-feature plugin helps you enhance your theme. This plugin allows you to add custom JavaScript code, CSS custom styles, and HTML markup to your WordPress site separately. With the powerful filter editor, you can create complex rules. They are convenient to use when you want to include your custom code for a specific URL, post, page, device, os, browser, also it will be useful to execute js or css at a concrete date, time, day of week and etc. It’s a good theme and plugin customizer and a perfect solution to create additional styles and js codes for your site.

+ The code editor with syntax highlighting
+ The rich filter builder to construct filters
+ Include custom css and js code on the basis of a filter
+ Use inline embed method or include code as an external file
+ Custom css and js code can be in the header or footer area
+ Use custom javascript code and css styles inside the user or admin side or both
+ Minify javascript code and CSS styles to reduce the file size
+ Support SCSS and LESS preprocessors
+ All editors use AJAX saving to avoid reloading
+ Create as many codes as you want
+ The code is served from the filesystem instead of the database for better performance

Fully Customizable and Unlimited

With this greatest plugin, you can add custom code in seconds.

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