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Soccer Engine is the complete solution to store and display soccer data on a WordPress website.

This massive project includes 40 back-end menus, 33 Gutenberg blocks, and 143 customizable options. It's suitable to be used by any soccer-related website, and we recommend it in particular for soccer news blogs, transfer market blogs, soccer clubs websites, or websites used by organizers of competitions.

Manage Soccer Data

Manage a significant amount of soccer data with the 40 back-end menus. The information is stored in 35 custom database tables created by the plugin. You will be able to register players, staff members, referees, teams, formations, matches, competitions, trophies, player transfers, team contracts, agency contracts, and more.

You can even store each single event of the match like goals, yellow cards, red cards and substitutions. The data of the events are used by Soccer Engine to generate statistics, generate event icons, make event tooltips and calculate performance indicators.

33 Gutenberg Blocks

Use the 33 included Gutenberg blocks to generate tables with stored data, tables with calculated statistics, standings tables, match timelines, match commentaries, line charts, area charts, visual representations of the formations, and more.

Each block comes with its settings section, which can be used to filter the content included the block output, or to manage the elements of the generated layout.

Blocks that allow you to generate charts based on the provided data are also available. You can, for example, create charts to display the market value of the players or the ranking of the teams on a specified period of time.

Customize Everything

Use the included 143 options to customize the color of each element displayed in the front-end, change the typographic style, set the responsive behavior, customize the charts, change monetary values, set capabilities to control the access of the users to the menus, etc.

Import and Export

Secure the plugin data by generating XML archives. With this feature, you will always be able to restore your data, move your data between websites, or import your data in external applications.


With the REST API you can optionally manage the Soccer Engine data with external applications, create new additional plugin features, and more. A total number of 68 API endpoints are available.

Additional Information

  • WordPress 5.3 and later versions are supported
  • PHP 5.6 and later versions are supported
  • Programmed with OOP techniques
  • Commented code
  • Includes a complete manual that covers all the 40 plugin menus and 33 Gutenberg blocks


This plugin makes use of the following resources:

  • Chosen licensed under the MIT License
  • Spectrum licensed under the MIT License
  • Chart.js licensed under the MIT License
  • Moment.js licensed under the MIT License
  • Flags icons by GoSquared licensed under the MIT License
  • jQuery licensed under the MIT License
  • The ball icon used in the back-end menus is part of Font Awesome and is licensed under the SIL license

Links to the resources and related licenses are available in the plugin manual.

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