CryptoPay Donate - Cryptocurrency donate plugin


CryptoPay Donate – Cryptocurrency donate plugin for WordPress

Thanks to CryptoPay Donate, you can now collect donations very easily via cryptocurrencies on your website. Moreover, you can follow the donations made.

What advantages does CryptoPay Donate provide you?

As you know many other payment methods deduct commission from you. The only commission here is the “gas” fee that blockchain networks charge. So the donate will be transferred directly to your account. You can receive donations with all blockchain networks that have the RPC API and support the wallet that the user is currently using, and tokens and native currencies under these networks.

Apart from that, here are the advantages that CryptoPay Donate gives you:

  • No 3rd party service
  • No withdrawal limit, fee, date
  • 1-2 business days and no weekend nonsense
  • The money is in your account and in use on the same day

+ Option to automatically insert at the beginning or end of all posts and pages.
+ Support for both classic and gutenberg widgets.
+ You can receive donate via crypto wallets supported by the plugin and all blockchain networks supported by these wallets.
+ You can donate with native money of blockchain networks or with tokens under these networks.
+ You can easily activate or deactivate the wallets, networks and currencies you want to accept donations from.
+ The accuracy of the donations is checked through the explorer. It even confirms the donation process after checking the sent address and the amount sent.
+ All donations are recorded under the name of the “Donations” page. The data held are Transaction id, Chain id, Chain name, Donate currency, Donate price, Sender address and status.
+ You can easily add, remove or deactivate the tokens you want to receive donate from the admin panel.
+ With Loco Translate, you can easily translate into any language you want.
+ You can easily move your settings with the backup system.

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