Advanced Themer - The #1 Plugin To Boost Your Bricks Website


Boost your Bricks websites. Build faster, easier, and better!

Meet Advanced Themer, a WordPress plugin that upgrades your Bricks Theme experience! Effortlessly blend dynamic colors, handle advanced CSS & class settings, sync with OpenAI, create the friendliest interface for clients, and enjoy numerous builder tweaks! If Bricks websites are your passion, this plugin is your perfect buddy!

Increase your Productivity with Performance in Mind

  • Ultra Lightweight on frontend
    The plugin loads essential CSS variables and a few classes to the front end. It includes just a couple of bytes of CSS, not even a KB! Plus, there's zero JavaScript involved. Web Core Vitals will surely adore you!
  • Vanilla Javascript on Backend
    All the scripts loading in the builder are crafted with pure Vanilla JavaScript, free of framework dependencies! It's truly the quickest method for rendering front-end applications on the web. Plus, it's future-proof - JavaScript isn't going anywhere!
  • The Bricks Way
    Every feature is integrated like a core Bricks addition so as not to alter your overall Bricks experience. We even utilize Brick's own variables to style elements in the builder, maintaining its friendly vibe.
  • Developer Friendly
    Advanced Themer encourages you to explore your creative side without being limited to a specific framework. With extensive customization options, it's designed to work harmoniously with you instead of creating any obstacles!
  • Full Control
    Every feature is designed as individual elements that you can easily turn on or off whenever you like in your theme settings. Pick the ideal combination of features that suit your needs and don't get distracted by shiny options you'll never use.
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