Blockerjet- IP & Country Blocking WordPress Plugin


As the names indicate, the Blockerjet IP and Country Blocking WordPress Plugin enable you to block visitors from certain IP addresses and countries from visiting your website. By using the plugin's Redirect URL option, the prohibited users can be redirected to another website. The plugin is based on WordPress and is very easy to install and use.

You will have to cope with some negative people who try to ruin your website when it becomes well-liked by consumers. If you encounter any suspicious users, you can prevent them from accessing your website by blocking their IP address and country.

Features of the plugin

Can block IP Addresses and Country
Website Protection
Easy to setup and use
Amazing Support
Unique Design
Speed Optimized
Supports Latest WordPress
Multi IP Blocker
Block Robots Login

Blockerjet comes with settings through which you can view and manage all blocked IP addresses and countries.

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